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What is the National Urban Agriculture Forum?

A 2 day event where policy makers, practitioners, innovators and institutions

come together to their share ideas, knowledge and experience growing the

Urban Agricultural movement in Australia and beyond.

We are currently seeking funding and partners to make #UAF2020 the most diverse and inclusive event to date.

Please get in touch with us via uaf@sustainaustralia.org for more information on how you can get involved.


Cities feeding themselves is an idea that can change the world. An idea whose time has come...
— Dr Nick Rose, Executive Director, Sustain
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Sustain aims to showcase the range, richness and diversity of urban agriculture practices across Australia. The nation wide festival, which this year is held between February 4-28, attracts over 120,000 visits and is the biggest sustainable living festival in the southern hemisphere...

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feature blog: Interview With Sebastian beck

Sebastain Beck from The Digger’s Club shares what urban growers should consider at this time of year, and what methods and techniques can be utilised to make the most of the late summer period of abundance and heat.  Did you know it's best to water about two hours before sunset? As the soil warms the cool water before it reaches the root system to avoid shocking the plant roots. 

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 Urban agriculture provides multi-dimensional benefits, especially as regards food security for low income groups, employment and training opportunities...

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