Speakers Presentations

Day One

Edible garden design:          Aesthetics & Function

Chris Williams, University of Melbourne / Urban Food Gardens: Variations on a Theme

Costa Georgiadis, ABC TV Gardening Australia

Karen Sutherland, Edible Eden Design / Garden Designs

Citizen Science: Capturing Benefits, Measuring Impacts

Georgia Pollard, University of South Australia / Measuring Results from the 'Edible Gardens' Project

Kate Blaylock, SGS Economics & Planning / Cost Benefit Analysis as a Tool for  Measuring Impact

Seona Candy, Victorian Eco Innovation Lab

Urban Soils & substrates for food growing

Peter May, University of Melbourne / Soil Testing, Soil Health and Urban Food Production

Declan McDonald, SESL Environment & Soil Sciences / The Life in the Soil

Kirsten Raynor, University of Melbourne / Growing Media  and Containers

Learning with Urban Agriculture: Schools, TAFE & Higher Education



Sonia Nuttman, Deakin University / Urban Ag, Health Promotion & Sustainable Food Systems

Sophie Jamieson, St. Albans Heights Primary School / Food, Nutrition and Urban Ag in Schools   

Will Dalgleish, Bendigo TAFE     

Rebecca Naylor, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation / Thomas Chirnside Primary

Property, POlicy      & PLanning: Negotiating              the Private &        the public 


Arif Sarker, Curtin University                             

Lauren Rickards, RMIT Centre for Urban Research / Making Space for Urban Agriculture in the City      

Alison Whitten, City of Melbourne / Demonstrating Resilience through Urban Ag in the City of Melbourne

Re-designing the food system in the peri-urban fringe: Cardinia Shire  (case study)



Simon McPherson, Global South / Cardinia Food Hub Feasibility Study                     

Tanya Massy, Sustain: The Australian Food Network / Cardinia Food Circles                         

Vicki Jones, CSM Organics                                                                                                                                         

Bronwyn Horn, University of Melbourne / Transformation in Melbourne's Value-Based Food System

Closing the loop: The dirt on waste




Richard Thomas, Wormlovers                                                                                                                                         

Liane Colwell, University of Technology Sydney                                                                                                     

Rob Pascoe, Closed Loop / Closed Loop           

La Vergne Lehmann, Grampians Waste Recovery Group / Can Do Communities

City of Moreland: 
Collaboration & Community        (Case Study) 



Global Lessons, Local Applications




Chris Williams, University of Melbourne / Novel Crops, Agroecology, and Ethnobiology for  Urban  Communities                                                                                                                 

Adrian Hearn, University of Melbourne

Sivaprakasham M. Saminathan, National University of Singapore

Rodrigo Castellanos, Zea Hungrygoods

Urban Agriculture:
Adapting to Climate change in Tuvalu

Marc Noyce, Biofilta