The 2016 Urban Agriculture Forum is aimed at a wide cross-section of stakeholders, including state and local government, the education, university and TAFE sectors, designers and urban planners, urban farmers, community and backyard gardeners, chefs and restaurateurs, food social enterprise and retail businesses, health professionals, emergency food relief providers, and food rescue and waste management authorities. 

Key goals of the Forum

A.  Bring together practitioners and policy-makers from across the urban and peri-urban food landscape to build a shared understanding of what urban agriculture is, and the benefits and opportunities it can offer in the Australian context.

B. Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of the urban agriculture movement over the past decade (and in some cases before) in Australia, both at the community and local government levels.

C.  Share lessons of good and best practice urban agriculture models, as well as failures and successes, from across the globe.

D.  Share the results of the research undertaken by Sustain and partner organisations, and reflect on the lessons for future practice and policy development.

E.  Identify and discuss the legislative, regulatory and resourcing barriers to the further expansion of urban agriculture in Melbourne and beyond.

F.  Develop a common platform and set of proposals to the State government to address the identified barriers.


November 19th: URBAN AGRICULTURE OPEN DAY (all day)
On Saturday the 19th of November a city-wide urban agriculture day will take place to showcase the rich diversity of gardens, projects and initiatives that exist within the City of Melbourne. If you would like to be involved as an open garden or visitor you can find out more here.

November 20th & 21st: URBAN AGRICULTURE FORUM (8:30am - 4:30pm)
at the University of Melbourne, Burnley Campus.

November 20th: Forum Dinner at 6:30pm
Hosted as a separate event to the Forum, a dinner will be held at Craft and Co. in Collingwood where Forum attendees and non-attendees alike are invite to join the speakers and organisers of the event for a evening of food, thought and conversation. Catered by the talented team at Craft and Co, the night will showcase locally made and sourced food and beverages, with a guest speaker to continue the conversation from Day 1 of the conference.

For tickets to the dinner, please click here.

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